About the Gujarat University Alumni Association

Since 1949, Gujarat University has spread worldwide through its talents. A pioneering educational institute established pre independence, has a glorious history that spans generations of students coming from different strata and regions of Gujarat.

The alumnus of Gujarat University instantly belongs to the host of talent nurtured with great insight, perseverance and dedication. Right from its inception Gujarat University has produced leaders in various fields like law, politics, science, medicine, Commerce, humanities, fine arts, education and others. The eminent alumnus of Gujarat University has provided leadership and entrepreneurship both nationally and internationally.

Gujarat University Alumni Association (GUAA) invites its alumni with multiple objectives. The glorious past shall provide its mentorship to the highly aspirated present to march through a bright future.

The Alma mater gives a call to join, connect and give your valuable expertise and energy towards the Institution which makes you connect with the world leaders like Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Dr. K. Kasturirangan and a series of luminaries.

The historic launch of Gujarat University Alumni Association shall bring together different generations under one umbrella and expanding its reach manifolds by benefitting the society at large. Apart from many objectives like creating new placement avenues, organizing networking platforms, featuring the best of Gujarat University worldwide, GUAA also provides its current students with scholarships in various fields. This association provides a platform for its alumni to connect with its alma mater and strengthen its roots.

GUAA is mutually beneficial societies that takes great pride of its roots, nurtures the dreams and aspirations of the present generation and helps the alumni renew its connection with its rich past. GUAA gives another chance of perfect homecoming.